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u in the cube   |   eating fast and slow

Capturing the dichotomy in dining culture in a world that is moving at blur, while slowing to focus on complex creative concepts. U in the Cube captures eating: fast and slow. a popular, cosmopolitan food concept at day combines with a New York centric enclosed counter dining experience at night. A hand smeared blood print by Karolina Zmarlak dons the enclosed fabric to create intimacy inside & an artistic statement out.


one 7th avenue south |   design movement

One 7th imagines its static façade as a moving participant with the everlasting flow of traffic.


hotel griffou  |  communicate the public with private

A sole ‘21’ marks the entrance on West 9th Street into the subgrade level of speakeasy and subversive, communicative activities.


karolina zmarlak   |   fluid foundations

The first season was born in the made-to-measure process engaging versatility and variability, such as the Oviedo silk jacket, designed to be interactive creative displays.


1945   |   connect the building with hospitality

Selecting a Leger painting from 1945 revealing revelry after the end of the war, MODO with Studios Go superimposed imagery on laser cut aluminum fascias.


st martin  |   design reaches the tropics

On a sloping geography clean open floor plans approximate Le Corbusier’s domino house, in paradise


one seventh avenue south  |  engaging the triangle

The unique site offered intense construction & design challenges that were tackled by MODO, leading to aesthetically pleasing contracting in itself.


gowanus artist lofts  |  work and live in art

Working with Enrique Norten of TEN Arquitectos, plans were conceived to draw in artists in to a work-design habitat the engages the unusual water element of the canal.


habita bowery hotel  |  engage the sky

Conceived with the Habita group and TEN, MODO designed a “sky mouth” to cantilever a lap pool over the Lower East Side. By studying various levels of fenestration and opacity, the layers of interaction of the building with the street are studied. The hotel rooms are contained by more closed frames, but as the view opens to the sky, so too does the fenestration.


one seventh avenue south  |  try an angular layout

MODO spent 4 months with the architecture firm Rogers Marvel to configure and engage the triangular floorplan to facilitate complex habitability.


karolina zmarlak

Design and develop innovative, powerful modern jackets.


cassa hotel   |   make a garden more than just green

The interaction of inert materiality and living verdancy creates texture and flow through MDF panels using 3-dimensional printing.


karolina zmarlak   |   double identity film

Production design, fluidity and bodily movement with powerful music in a film captures the dark, elemental aspects of Karolina Zmarlak.


karolina zmarlak   |   partnering with ssense

Lauded in the fashion industry for focusing on meaningful design and exquisite production, SSENSE communicates Karolina Zmarlak on the internet level.


karolina zmarlak   |   rebels in paradise

Spring Summer 2012


1945   |   opposing adjacencies

A rich and warm lounge of fabrics and natural materials engages the low ceilings and thin pathway, while the open solarium supports stand up animated activities.


e__p   |   contextualize the past

MODO found walls of graffiti and wheat pasted posters from the basement of CBGB and recomposed them in a modern shrine as pathway to the past. Richard Hambleton composed his shadow figures, once again, from the past for MODO.


e__p   |   hotel morrison gallery partners in the green room

Designing a green room populated by the iconic images from the Hotel Morrison Gallery of rock and roll fantasies, MODO integrates rock's best photographers.


karolina zmarlak   |   mod geisha

Inspired by Blade Runner and Japan, the pieces communicate the dichotomy of the mastery of Japanese traditional designs with hi technology fabrics and cuts.


karolina zmarlak   |   cool dresses


zmarlak & keyes   |   partners

Designing to set the stage for the social production of dramatic relationships.

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cassa hotel 

Conceive, open and operate the food and beverage amenity for the hotel, designed by MODO colleague, Enrique Norten.


karolina zmarlak   |  core valuables & architectural dresses

The undergirding a of communicative wardrobe begins with a hyper attention to the simplicity of fabrics and cut of basics and a constructed series of subtle shapes found in archetypal dresses.


karolina zmarlak  

Blade Runner by night.


karolina zmarlak  

Blade Runner by day.


blackbook  magazine

Keyes developed the column concept: the pieces support the view that the design of nightlife venues can facilitate more than just hedonistic enjoyment. Buildout can either detract or enhance the communicative possibilities of a space. Dark Design studies layout, material and flow as integral to the utility of a party place.